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Although we no longer offer group fishing charters directly through The Canadian Princess, we highly reccomened trying your luck on the ocean and catching some fish! The view of the Pacific Rim from the water is simply breathtaking as well as the natural wildlife. It is a once an a lifetime adventure! Here are some local fishing charters that can act as your guide as you navigate through the pacific ocean.

Hot Pursuit Charters: 1(844)468-3174

Pacific King Fishing Charters: 1(250)266-0027

Pacific Rim Fishing Charters: 1(877)871-8771

Salmon Eye Charters: 1(250)244-1821

Tight Lines Fishing Charters: 1(250)-266-8000 or 1(250)228-5981

Feel free to let your company of choice know that we referred you and have a great time!

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