Dock Talk

A Great Night for a Wedding!

Canadian Princess Resort - June 29, 2011

All is quiet (or relatively so) in the front office at the Canadian Princess Resort when a man bursts in and shouts “How often do you guys get a wedding at your resort?”. All three front desk staff (being in our first season) shake our heads and reply that there hasn’t been any this year. “My daughter just got married right here!” he exclaims and promptly dashes off.
A wedding? Right here? At our resort? That’s one hundred percent right folks. Raise your glasses and say congratulations to Chris Craft and Marylu McFarlane who were married on our property just yesterday. Both families were pleasantly surprised when the couple announced that their marriage was taking place on the spot. The party of sixteen is on a fishing trip with us for three days, and even the rain last night couldn’t dampen the spirits or the celebration. The Canadian Princess wishes the very best to the newlywed couple!
Not to end a night early, a call came in from the Chinook Princess which was due in at 9:10 pm from a bottom fishing trip. Before the boat had even docked the passengers were bragging about 11 year old Alexander Parks’s catch of the night: a 27.2 lb. Chinook. Congratulations Alexander for such an awesome start to your trip!
Never a dull moment here at the Princess,