Dock Talk

August Well Underway

Canadian Princess Resort - August 3, 2011

Last night the Long Beach Princess cruised out of the harbour around 2:30 PM for an exciting afternoon rockfish trip. By 6:30 PM, the Long Beach had many new, fishy passengers aboard and came cruising back to the dock with smug grins all around.
“It’s this big!” shouts a guest, stretching his arms as wide apart as he can. “And there’s more than one!” the guest next to him roars. They point their fingers at young Mr. Ryan Grady, who reeled in the largest halibut of the afternoon, weighing in at 64.5 lbs. Welcome to the Captain’s Club Ryan! There were also two other nice sized halibut aboard, weighing approximately 30 and 50 lbs. respectively.
The fishing’s been great and the skies are sunny; it’s time to get out there!
Fish On!