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Dock Talk

Back Again!

Canadian Princess Resort - August 19, 2013

It was his wife that caught the most fish on their fishing trip to Ucluelet a few years back. Ray Crouse returned to the Canadian Princess Resort with his friend Bruce Milne, hoping to return to their homes in Victoria with a few salmon and some fish stories too. Ray and Bruce’s wives are first cousins and these two fishermen have been friends for 45 years. In the last four and a half decades, they’ve been fishing for 25 years! Bruce landed the Catch of the Day with a 18lbs-04oz Chinook salmon.

“I caught three salmon, one hali, and had to throw a lot back!” shared Bruce. “It’s always nice to get away without traveling too much.”

They were fishing on a Boston Whaler Outrage charter with Skipper Kyle. They had most of their luck out at Big Bank and Rats Nose.

Two weeks ago Lee van Wagener was fishing on an All-Day trip with her boyfriend when she landed the Catch of the Day. After that fishing adventure she was hooked! Over the weekend Lee returned and caught the Catch of the Day again for salmon with a 17lbs-06oz fish. After several days of rain, the sun came out for these two, and they had a beautiful clear day out on the water with Skipper Lynette aboard the Nootka Princess.

Congratulations on your catches Bruce, Ray, and Lee! Will we be seeing you before the end of the season again?

Tight Lines,