Dock Talk

BC Fishing Outlook

Canadian Princess Resort - March 12, 2006

We here at the Canadian Princess Resort are very excited about the upcoming season.  Over the past few seasons we have seen an increase in the amount of large Chinook salmon in our local waters.

In 2004, we saw the resort’s first ever 60+ pound Chinook. 2005 brought us a record amount of Chinooks over 40 pounds.  And in 2006, we’re anticipating even more!

The Coho Salmon fishery has been taking off over the last 2 seasons as well.  Past conservation measures have really paid off, and the decrease of wild Coho mortality has proven successful in bringing the number of wild stocks up and they are still climbing.

The halibut fishery was also very strong last season and our confidence is high for the “Big Bank” – a favourite hali hole – in 2006.

There are a few changes taking place around the resort as well.  First off, we are now using Point Wilson Dart’s as our lure of choice, after rigorous testing in the 2005 season (a VERY fun task, believe me!).

Another change at the resort this year is some new faces behind the helms of our vessels.  Nick Hiltz, Dave O’Neill, and Steve Penfold have all successfully earned their 60 Ton Limited Master Certificates, qualifying them to skipper the Deltas at the Canadian Princess.  All three are favourite deckhands of many of our guests and will now be running vessels themselves in the 2006 season.

All in all, 2006 is shaping up to be a banner year all around.  Come join us for some fun and, while you are here, come say hi! 

Keep your tip up!

Ken Roberts
Marine Operations Manager
Canadian Princess Resort