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Beautiful week in paradise

Canadian Princess Resort - June 18, 2007

Vancouver Island fishingWell, it's been another beautiful week in paradise up here at the Canadian Princess and fishing couldn't be better.

We've had quite a number of Springs coming in and two of our boats were very close to there limit the other day.

Coho have also been on the rise for the past week with a significant number of catch and release, due to them being wild, but also a fair number of hatchery Coho kept.

Halibut has started to slow down slightly but they'll be back near the end of our season.

Here are some of our catches-of-the-day…

June 10

  • 18 ½ lb. Chinook caught by Niel MacIntosh of Cambridge,ON

June 11

  • 12 lb. Chinook caught by Terri Copeland of Pocatello, ID

June 12

  • 36 lb. Chinook caught by Helen Holmes of Edmonton, AB
  • 16 ½ lb. halibut caught by Eric Koellner of Portland, OR

Vancouver Island fishingJune 13

  • 17 lb. Chinook caught by Don Beld of Lindon, WA
  • 81 lb. halibut caught by Terry Holmes of Edmonton, AB

June 14

  • 19 lb. Chinook caught by Richard Mayo of Abby, BC
  • 57 lb. halibut caught by Bernerd Oakley of Newport, NS

June 15

  • 18 lb. Chinook caught by John Gass of Newberg, OR
  • 33 lb. halibut caught by Dennis Phillis of Westminster, CO

June 16

  • 23 lb. Chinook caught by Ted Vennerd of Abby, BC
  • 35 lb. halibut caught by Carlos Furtado of Port Coquitlam, BC

June 17

  • 18 lb. Chinook caught by David Zaro of Port Ludlow, NA
  • 33 lb. halibut caught by Anthony Fantillo of Maple Ridge, BC

And on a side note, poncho sales have been up, but the forecast looks like sunny weather for the next while :P

Nathan Petrowitz
Charters Manager, Canadian Princess Resort
Ucluelet, Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island halibut fishing