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Big Catch Aboard a Boston Whaler Outrage

Canadian Princess Resort - June 13, 2013

You can hear the water gently lapping up the side of the boat. The rods are resting in their holders and the lines are set as you troll along. The scenery is breathtaking as you pass rocky shorelines backed dense rainforest within Barkley Sound, off the shores of Ucluelet, BC. This moment is completely serene. Then it happens.

SNAP! The clip comes off the downrigger and the tip of your rod dives towards the surface of the water. You quickly grab the rod out of its holder, jerk it up to set the hook, brace yourself and begin reeling in the line. It feels heavy! The fish fights back, diving deep into the ocean and you let it take the line down with it before starting to frantically work the reel again. This happens again and again as your fishing companions cheering you on!

Finally see the splash of silver and white 20 feet from the boat. The best fish put up the biggest fight! Your fishing partners grab the net as the salmon is reeled closer to the side of the boat. With a quick scoop your catch is on the deck of the Boston Whaler Outrage. This fish is HUGE!!!

Last summer, the Canadian Princess Resort was excited to introduce our new fleet of Boston Whaler Outrages! These new fishing boats allow you to troll for salmon in the more protected waters of Barkley Sound. Guests can choose from our tested-and-true Delta Cabin Cruisers, or embark on a different kind of fishing adventure aboard a Boston Whaler Outrage.

Fishing with one or two other people, your Boston Whaler Outrage fishing charter gives you completely personalized service. Your experienced guide will take you to the most productive fishing grounds on this 8 hour trip. The 20’ vessels can get you into the hard to reach fishing grounds to help you reel in the likes of salmon, halibut, ling cod, and rock fish. Since it’s just your personal party on the boat you can customize your trip and the options are endless!

The Outrages are stocked with top of the line fishing gear, and everything is provided to you including durable rain gear if required. If you have your own ‘lucky rod’ you are more than welcome to bring that with you.

Last week the Canadian Princess Resort had a staff training trip on one of our Boston Whaler Outrages. Check out what they came home with!

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