Dock Talk

Brian and Ian Hoag

Canadian Princess Resort - August 4, 2010

You know how you put things off, intending to do something special, yet never getting around to it? That’s how it was with our Father-Son fishing trip until last month we finally pulled it off.
From our first day at The Canadian Princess Resort in Ucluelet my son Ian and I were treated to friendly courteous attention by all the staff, from the reception office to the boats we fished from. We got our limit bottom-fishing one afternoon and the next morning Ian caught his first Spring Chinook and I got my first halibut...16 pounds. On both trips we saw hump-back whales and Dall’s porpoises fishing out there with us. No world records (this time) but we’ll be back in the Fall to re-live the experience of a life-time.


Brian Hoag