Dock Talk

Cargo planes!

Canadian Princess Resort - July 18, 2005

The last few days have been super hot and super sunny, mixed in with some serious wind in the afternoons.

Our guests are catching soooooo much salmon and halibut (you should've seen the morning tide on the 17th!) that we have been sending out more cargo planes to haul fish to Vancouver!

The Puget Sound Anglers were up this weekend – all 50 of them – for their derby and they alone hauled off 12 totes of up to 110lbs of fish each!!  I'd also like to congratulate their derby winners again and also our "Catch of the Day" winners, Brian Husley with a 28 lb. halibut, Steve Ng with a 30 lb. Chinook and George Chittenden with a 31lb. Chinook.

Today we had a 68 lb. halibut caught by John Reynolds and a 37 lb. Chinook caught by Kasey Sagert! Keep it up!