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Dock Talk

Catch of the Day Times Two

Canadian Princess Resort - June 18, 2013

“That fish was too big to keep any way!” said Ulysses Davidson with a smile, commenting on the fish that fiercely grabbed his lure and snapped the line. Even after 6 bites that failed to produce and the fish that broke the line, Ulysses kept his positive attitude and finally got a 16lbs-02oz halibut onto the deck of the Coho Princess. Persistence paid off and this fish was the Catch of the Day for halibut.

This was Ulysses sixth time fishing with the Canadian Princess Resort, but his first time landing the Catch of the Day.

“I used to fish a lot back home in Scotland before coming to Canada in 1983,” shared Ulysses. “I love fishing here. You see a lot of wildlife. We saw a killer whale and lots of dolphins!”

Meanwhile, aboard the Chinook Princess the Eggers family was enjoying their family fishing vacation. Two sons and their father were visiting from Kennewick, Washington. The sons have been fishing with the Canadian Princess Resort before and wanted to share the experience with their Dad.

Lance Eggers caught the Catch of the Day for salmon with this 15lbs-01oz Chinook.

There is rain in the forecast for the next several days, but the swell is minimal and the winds remain low. The fish certainly don’t mind the rain and we predict the bite will be on! Even though there is just a 40% chance of precipitation this Wednesday to Friday it is always smart to be prepared for the worst. A local Ucluelet angler said it best when he said:

“There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.”

Remember to bring your rain gear! If you need to purchase rain gear you can find that in our gift shop in the main office at the resort.

Tight Lines!