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Dock Talk

Catch of the Day Wins Derby

Canadian Princess Resort - July 30, 2013

Fourteen excited anglers set out for a day of fishing aboard the Ucluelet Princess. This group added a little competition to their fishing holiday by creating their own little fishing derby amongst the group. Skipper Harvey had his hands full with this playful competition that had prizes for specific categories including: largest fish, smallest fish, hidden weight (11lbs) and total catch combined weight.

Jared Wheway killed two birds with one stone with his 17lbs-06oz salmon. He won first place for ‘Largest Fish’ in their derby as well as Catch of the Day for the Canadian Princess Resort. Way to go Jared!

Thank you to the entire group for choosing the Canadian Princess Resort for your fishing adventure. We had a lot of fun with you guys!

The next day Gordon Hunter took his turn fishing with Skipper Harvey on the Ucluelet Princess. He was fishing with his Dad and it was their second time visiting the Canadian Princess Resort.

“I have no idea how many fish I caught. I had too many!” Gordon joked. “There were some big halibut on the boat today. Everyone did really well.”

Gordon landed the Catch of the Day with a 21lbs-02oz salmon.

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