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Dock Talk

Catching the Limit

Canadian Princess Resort - August 6, 2013

“I limited out yesterday and today on salmon!”

It was an amazing start to the August long weekend for Tom Lopez and his family. Tom landed a 19lbs-08oz salmon and his nephew Anthony caught a 15lbs-03oz salmon too! The group gathered from different parts of the United States: Colorado, Washington and Arizona. Other than Tom, it was the first time these new fishermen had visited Canada and the first time they had experienced salt water sport fishing.

“I enjoy coming back,” said Tom. “I have made so many wonderful friends here over the years.”

Tom has been fishing with the Canadian Princess Resort since 1993 and has been out to Ucluelet 22 different times. Sometimes he comes three times a season.

“I like fishing with Keith and meeting wonderful people from all over the world,” shared Tom.

The next day Darrell Miskovich and his brother were fishing on the Whaler #5 out at Big Bank when they experienced similar luck. They hit the Chinook salmon jack pot catching over 15 salmon at this location, most of them were released.

“All of these Chinooks put up a large fight. They were peeling the line!” said Darrell. “Two fish actually came up on one lure at one point!”

That’s when you know the bite is on! In the two days he was fishing on the Boston Whaler #5, Darrell got the Catch of the Day for halibut with a 14lbs-08oz halibut and a 18lbs-05oz Chinook salmon.

Besides the productive fishing, Big Bank was also the stage for an incredible wildlife show. A huge group of Orca whales decided to pay them a visit, most likely enjoying the dense population of Chinook salmon in the area as well. Darrell told dock staff there must have been over 30 Orca whales in the surrounding waters that day.

Although the majority of the whales we see on the west coast of Vancouver Island are Gray and Humpbacks, we have had regular sightings of Orca whales this season. Our Whale Watching tours will take you on a cruise of Barkley Sound and the Broken Group Island, looking for the opportunity to watch some of these majestic marine mammals in their natural habitat.

Tight Lines!