Dock Talk

Catching the Limit!

Canadian Princess Resort - July 7, 2012

A 60 pound 7 ounce Halibut is not an easy fish to reel it, but it is an easy fish to brag about and rightly so!  To start off the one-fish-after-another excitement on Friday afternoon, Patricia French caught this brag worthy fish and set the record for the 2012 season at the Canadian Princess Resort.  This holy Halibut was caught just outside of the Ucluelet Harbour at the Red Can on the Boston Whale Outrage. 

Patricia was fishing with her husband.  These two are not new to Oak Bay Marine Group and have fished with the Salmon Seeker up at Haida Gwaii (formerly Queen Charlotte Islands).  These anglers knew what they were doing and proved it by catching their limit on salmon and halibut within 3 hours of leaving the docks.

Well done...and Patricia, welcome to the Captain’s Club!

This year marks year the final cycle of a four year salmon run.  As a result, our guests are landing their limit in salmon and most of those catches are weighing over 15 pounds.  We're glad our guests love salmon as much as we do!

We tip our hats to Hayley, who caught her limit of every species in the 11 hours she was fishing with us.  Hayley was extremely excited after fishing with her Skipper Dave and deckhand Trevor on the Barkley Princess.  I would be too if I limited out on...everything!

Hayley currently lives in Fort Campbell, Kentucky and was fishing with her Dad and Grandfather.  She had fished with the Canadian Princess 2 years ago.  She told us she loves the friendly spirit around the resort, and obviously loves the fishing in Ucluelet.  We are glad she came back to visit and fish with us.  Judging by her luck out on the water, I think she's glad too!

Gone Fishing,