Dock Talk


Canadian Princess Resort - July 25, 2012

It felt like a coho Christmas earlier this week on the Barkley Princess.  The Barkley’s Skipper Dave Payne reported that every single angler on the boat caught their limit of coho salmon.  Even when the crew dropped a line they were pulling up coho!   

Adrenaline and excitement filled the deck of the cruiser as rods bended from tight lines all day long.  This is the first time this year that this has happened and it was an amazing experience for both the crew and guests.  Coho-ho Merry Christmas (in July!)

The very next day the Barkley Princess was hosting the Burr family who are visiting Canada from Germany.  Hans and Timon Burr pulled in yesterday’s Catch of the Day.  The fish was caught just inside of the Lighthouse Bank and weighed 16lbs-01oz.  They said that their fishing trip was definitely the highlight of their family’s vacation to Canada.

Along with the Catch of the Day they also caught two beautiful Chinook’s.  When dock staff asked who reeled them in both Hans and Timon agreed the salmon were brought in together and that they were fishing as a team.  They also commented that other guests on the boat were successful that morning.  In fact, 4 fish were brought in immediately after the Barkley Princess stopped at the fishing grounds.

Fishing wasn’t the only activity the Burr family enjoyed on their vacation to Ucluelet.  They were able to take in a Nature Cruise with the Canadian Princess.  They were thrilled to observe Canadian wildlife.  They saw eagles, sea lions, birds, and of course, whales!

To the Burr Family: the crew at the Canadian Princess Resort are so pleased you were able to experience true west coast culture.  We hope you enjoyed your visit and your adventures out on the water!  We look forward to seeing you again and wish you a safe journey back home to Germany.

It looks like I should be climbing aboard the Barkley Princess...

Gone Fishing,