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Dock Talk

Fighting for the Line

Canadian Princess Resort - August 21, 2013

The tip of the rod takes a nose dive towards the surface of the water. The fisherman tightens his grip on the handle, fixes his hand on the reel and starts working the reel. This struggle can be over in a matter of minutes, or it can take ages, it all depends on the mood of the fish on the end of the line. This fish was in the mood for a fight.

“It wanted to go the other way!” exclaimed Chuck Baker. “It took a bunch of line...a few times! But I kept the tip of the rod up and reeled when I could!”

That is the key of reeling in the big Chinook. When they want to dive and swim off with half your line it is in your better interest to let them. It decreases the chances breaking your line in the struggle and it could tire out the fish, eventually...we can only hope. There have been times when an angler has fought with a feisty fish for nearly an hour. In these cases, when the fish finally makes its way to the deck of the boat, it is usually well worth the fight.

Although Chuck’s salmon didn’t give him this much misery (or joy, depending on how you look at it) it was still definitely worth the effort! His Chinook weighed 28lbs-05oz and was the Catch of the Day. Chuck was fishing with his lovely wife on a Boston Whaler Charter with Skipper Kyle. They had great luck at Big Bank and Rats Nose. Check out their massive haul!

The staff at the Canadian Princess Resort love fishing as much as our guests do! When we get the chance, we will send out a boat load of happy CP Crew members so they can get a little piece of the action. Here are staff members Ken and Lynette with Ken's salmon that weighed 14lbs-04oz. Below is Jack with his 23lbs-02oz halibut.

These guys are having too much fun! Won't you join us?

Tight Lines!