Dock Talk

Fish Feasts and Family Fun

Canadian Princess Resort - July 31, 2012

Skipper Lynette and her deckhand Chris sure know a thing or two about fishing!  That much is obvious, especially after the Nootka Princess limited out on Chinook, Halibut, and came 3 fish shy of limiting out on coho salmon too.

Lynette and Chris know how to take care of their guests.  They treated the anglers on this all day fishing trip to a cooked fish lunch right on the boat.  Now that’s what we call fresh seafood!

Meanwhile Kristina Utzschneider and her sister Hilary Ernst were showing everyone how it’s done on the Salmon Princess with another dynamic duo: Skipper Keith and his deckhand (and son) Dylan.  Kristina and Hilary were fishing with their dear Dad and both girls caught a Catch of the Day.

Kristina reeled in the salmon Catch of the Day the day before yesterday.  Yesterday she made she mixed things up by reeling in the Halibut Catch of the Day.  It weighed in at 43lbs-01oz.

Hilary had equal luck and weighed in the salmon Catch of the Day for yesterday at 20lbs-01oz.  She really enjoyed the fishing trip with her family and fishing on both the Ucluelet Princess and the Salmon Princess over the last couple of days.

Wildlife viewing has been good out there the last few days as well.  Reports of sea lions, Humpback, and Gray whales are coming into the office.  Catching fish and watching whales on the same trip?  Now that sounds like the perfect west coast morning.

Gone Fishing,