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Fishing, Whales, and Black Bears!

Canadian Princess Resort - September 12, 2013

September is a great month to visit Ucluelet. Dubbed “Suntember” this month is known for offering sunny days, calmer seas, and great salmon fishing! Chinook and coho salmon are still plentiful, and this year halibut will remain open the end of the year. With fishing trips departing in both the mornings and the afternoons, guests at the Canadian Princess Resort are taking full advantage of our extended season.

We are still seeing a lot of Humpback whales on our Whale Watching trips and even on the fishing trips. Last week there were reports of Orca whales hanging out just outside of the Ucluelet Harbour. There have been several Orca whale sightings this summer and we are very excited to be able to show our guests these incredible marine mammals. Since the Orca whales we see near Ucluelet are transient whales, we usually don’t see them as often as Humpback or Gray Whales. This year has been a wonderful exception!

Bears have been more active in the last week, and we are expecting to see that activity continue into the fall months. Black bears can be spotted at low tide on the shores looking for shellfish and other tasty treats. We often see them on the other side of the harbour and our Whale Watching boats will scan that area for bears, allowing guests to see these curious creatures for themselves. They can also be seen along the shoreline in Barkley Sound.

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