Dock Talk

Florencia Bay

Canadian Princess Resort - July 18, 2012

Florencia Bay is named after a 200 tonne brigantine ship that capsized off Vancouver Island in 1861 during a raging storm.  Four seamen died in the wreck, the ship was badly damaged but it managed to right itself and drift into Nootka Sound.

In Nootka Sound they decided the Florencia could be repaired and they began towing it to Victoria to be fixed behind the HMS Forward.  As the ships passed the coast North of Ucluelet the HMS Forward had engine trouble and had to let the Florencia go adrift. 

This vessel ran into more bad luck when a storm blew in and wrecked it into the bay.  This time the damage was far beyond repair.  The bay was originally called Wreck Bay on account of the remains but was renamed Florencia Bay in 1930. 

Florencia Bay is spectacularly beautiful and from way off shore in your Boston Whaler Outrage you can still make out its long sandy beach and the steep cliffs that tower above it.  It’s rich in history, wildlife, and breathtaking coastal scenery.  It’s also a great place to catch fish!

It was offshore of Florencia Bay that today’s Catch of the Day was landed.  Dick Gerety decided to upgrade from his regular morning trip to the Boston Whaler Outrage charter.  We’ve been having a lot of success on the three Whalers, new to the Canadian Princess Resort this season.  This trip limited out on Chinook and coho salmon and Dick boated this 18 pound Chinook.

If you are interested in history and stories like this one about the Florencia, stop by the resort for a historical tour of the Canadian Princess itself.  This vessel served as a hydrographic survey ship from 1932 to 1975 and we have many stories to tell!

While Dick was out at Florencia Bay catching his limit of salmon, Bruce Butenko was fishing off Big Bank aboard the Long Beach Princess on an all-day trip.  A fish took his line and after a 20 minute fight Bruce landed a 23lbs-04oz Chinook.  Here he is with his fish and deck hand Koko.

Bruce and his family have been coming to the Canadian Princess Resort for nearly 20 years with his family.  We are always happy to see him and even happier to take his photo for landing the All-Day Trip Catch of the Day.

Gone Fishing,