Dock Talk

From hooking the fish to taking it home

Canadian Princess Resort - July 22, 2011

Bang! The line goes tight. You have a fish on and yell out to let the others know, “fish on!” You struggle to get the salmon to the surface and into the net and finally it lands on the boat. What now? Where does it go from here? You are leaving later in the day for Vancouver and you want to know.
After landing a fish, it is immediately marked in the gill plate with a number assigned to you prior to boarding so that it can not be confused with other guests’ fish. On the way back in from a trip on the water, the deck hand spends the time gutting and cleaning the fish. If it is a big one and maybe a catch of the day, he’ll wait until the dock where it can be weighed and a couple of photos can be made of you and your catch. After landing at the dock, your fish are passed to the dockhands and recorded to ensure proper numbering and correct counts.
As a side note, don’t forget that we now offer guests the ability to have their fish prepared for them in our Stewart Dining Room. Just ask your skipper on your way back from the morning trip. From the dock, the fish then goes to our fish house where it is stored until the end of your stay. If you are leaving by car, you’ll be able to pick your fish up on your way out. If you are leaving by plane, we load your fish onto the bus and drive it to the airport in ice packed totes. We then transfer the fish to the plane. When you arrive back in Vancouver, you’re able to collect your fish with your baggage and visit our Vancouver counter for further packaging and ice. From hooking a fish to picking your fish up in Vancouver, we have it covered.
From the bridge,
Chris White