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Dock Talk

Giant Ling Cod

Canadian Princess Resort - July 2, 2013

“It took two people to just lift it onto the scale!”

There was a lot of excitement at the docks the other day. Groups of anglers from other boats congregated to see what was coming off of Skipper Lynette’s boat. Everyone was standing on tippy-toes, taking pictures and trying to get a good look on the massive ling cod they were hauling up to the scale.

This enormous ling cod weighed 41lbs-04oz! Click on the image gallery to view all of the photos.

“It was a lot of hard work for the angler to reel it up,” said Garret, the deck hand who was aboard during that afternoon Bottom Fishing trip. “It was a lot of work just getting it into the net, too!”

This group of happy anglers were on a private fishing charter. We took a lot of great photos of their fish, but we weren’t the only ones! Everyone wanted a picture of this thing. Congratulations on your awesome catch!

The very next day Waldemar Banasiewicz landed the salmon Catch of the Day with Skipper Keith on the Salmon Princess. We got reports of Killer whale sightings from our fishing boats that morning. In fact, three pods of whales were spotted. What an amazing sight! Waldemar’s fish weighed 22lbs-09oz.

All in all it was an incredible Canada Day long weekend. Our guests enjoyed a weekend of good fishing, wildlife viewing, and relaxing amongst the breathtaking coastal scenery that surrounds our fishing resort. Please visit us soon!

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