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Halibut Extended

Canadian Princess Resort - September 16, 2013

We love Halibut. This flat-bodied flounder has become a favourite in the sport fishing industry. Not only do they provide a challenge (if you’ve ever hauled in a halibut with impressive poundage you’ll know how it feels to reel in ‘dead weight’) their size gives anglers a Catch of the Day they can be proud of, and their meat is exceptionally tasty.

Since the 1990s, Ucluelet has become a destination of choice for Halibut fishing. Visitors arrive with hopes of landing the big Halibut and we are very proud to be a part of that experience. We are lucky this summer to have Halibut remain open well into the shoulder season, giving our visitors an extended opportunity to fish for Halibut off the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Halibut Facts

  • Halibut are the largest of all flatfish. Some exceed 400 pounds!!
  • Female Halibut typically grow faster and larger than males.
  • Most Halibut taken in the sport fishery are 5-15 years old.
  • Halibut can be found along the Pacific coast from Alaska to Californa.
  • Halibut hang out on the sea floor over mud, sand or gravel banks.
  • Most Halibut move into deeper waters to spawn and return closer to shore in the early summer to feed.

Are you ready to catch your Halibut? Join the Canadian Princess Resort for a guided fishing charter. Choose between a Delta Cruiser charter or an adventure aboard one of our Boston Whaler Outrages. You can pull up a couple of these massive Halibut and stock up your freezer for a winter of delicious seafood dinners.

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