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Dock Talk

Halibut, Salmon, and More Halibut!

Canadian Princess Resort - July 6, 2013

Great Catch! Ryan Acker fought hard to get his huge halibut onto the deck of the Coho Princess. He was fishing with his friend when he caught this halibut Catch of the Day.

“The highlight of this trip was weighing in my hali!” shared Ryan. His catch weighed 37lbs-7oz.

At the same time Terry Caterer was fishing on the Salmon Princess with Skipper Keith. He was with his large group visiting from West Bank, Kelowna. He caught a coho and Chinook salmon. He told dock staff that both fish put up a huge fight, but especially the Chinook. This fighter was the fish that gave Terry the salmon Catch of the Day. It weighed 14lbs-7oz. Way to go!

We have had a great time at the fishing grounds this week. Coho and Chinook salmon have been coming in regularly. We have noticed a special spike in the size of halibut guests are catching. Most have been over 25lbs and we are seeing more and more of these flat fish on the scales every day.

Here is Leon Chasseur with his 25lbs-07oz halibut. He caught it on a Boston Whaler Outrage Charter with Skipper Luke.

The sun will be out this weekend with temperatures reaching 21 degrees Celsius. There will be some strong winds today and lasting until tomorrow, but they should calm down early in the week. It’s still a great time to head out to the west coast of Vancouver Island and catch some trophy fish. We have the boats waiting for you.

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