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Halibut season record x 2

Canadian Princess Resort - July 19, 2006

Vancouver Island halibut fishingThe Puget Sound Anglers were here over the last several days and, as usual, the resort won’t ever be the same again!

With the salmon fishing a little slower than normal at this time of year they took the jaunt offshore to the Big Bank and got a first hand look at the incredible halibut and ling cod fishery.

The staff and crew of the Canadian Princess Resort love this group of anglers. The interaction of our crew with our neighbours to the south always promotes a friendly, interesting, and all–around fun time. Thanks again, and see you all next year!

Hali fishing has been great, just check out our new season record below. In fact, the halibut record was broken twice in two days!

And now for the catch of the day reports:

Vancouver Island halibut fishingJuly 14th

  • 16 lb Chinook by Robert Wines of St. Helens, OR
  • 36 lb Ling Cod by Ursula Casanova of Phoenix, AZ
  • 68 lb halibut by Jeff Cannell of Vancouver, BC

July 15th

  • 24 lb Chinook by Kathy Goodsell of Woodinville, WA
  • 23 lb Ling Cod by Bill Scott of Spokane, WA
  • 94 lb halibut by Brian Lawrence of Hamilton, MT — a new resort season record!

July 16th

  • 96 lb halibut by Larry Collier of Boning, OR— a new resort season record… again!!

July 17th

  • 28 lb halibut by Delaine Thomson of Henderson, NV

Vancouver Island fishing lodgeJuly 18th

  • 26 lb Chinook by Alexander Wilson of Charlestown, WV
  • 32 lb Ling Cod by Pete Amundson of Rainier, WA
  • 42 lb halibut by Darrell Amundson of Snohomish, WA

Congratulations and great job all you fisherpeople!

Seaon Fishing Records

The rundown for our season fishing records as it stands:

  • Chinook — 42 lbs
  • Ling cod —53 lbs
  • Halibut — 96 lbs

Keep them coming!
Ken Roberts
Marine Operations Manager

Vancouver Island salmon fishing