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Happy Birthday John!

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Canadian Princess Resort - May 19, 2013

It was a great day for the birthday boy! John Marchbank celebrated his 82nd birthday aboard the Barkley Princess. Visiting Ucluelet from Calgary, he was fishing with his son and grandson. He reeled in the Catch of the Day, a Chinook salmon weighing just over 14 pounds.

"It put up a good fight!" said John. "It was my second catch of the day and I was the only one that caught fish!"

That wasn't the only lucky streak for John on his birthday. The Barkley Princess was treated to a wildlife show. A group of Humpback whales were spotted breaching, jumping completely out of the water and crashing their massive bodies back into the water with a mighty splash.

Everyone at the Canadian Princess Resort would like to thank the Marchbanks for fishing with us. We would like to wish John a very happy birthday and hope to see you next year too!

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