Dock Talk

Heat wave, fish wave

Canadian Princess Resort - July 12, 2007

That spell of nice weather has turned into a heat wave and conditions on the water couldn't be any nicer. The seas have been like glass and there has been next to no wind throughout the entire day.

Aside from excellent fishing conditions, the nice weather seems to have brought some more fish to us, too. In the past few days, a number of 20 lb+ Chinooks have come in and a few 40 lb + halis. The smaller ones are still kickin’ around and, once again, bottom fishing is amazing.

Halibut fishing was absolutly amazing today with 3 of the boats out catching their limits.

On a side note, bring sunscreen up here because it's nice, hot, and sunny :D

Nathan Petrowitz
Charters Manager, Canadian Princess Resort
Ucluelet, Vancouver Island