Dock Talk

How we do what we do best

Canadian Princess Resort - June 4, 2011

When you start talking about fishing or find yourself listening in on a fishing story, there are often extravagant gestures accompanied by an uncontrolled pitch as the story unfolds. It is what makes the narrative a good story, a fishing story. There is also a bit of the story that sounds like gibberish to the newcomer and key information to the experienced. This is in regards to the gear we use to search out a solid strike and reel in the fish with the chaos that ensues.
Here at the Canadian Princess, we are a family of jiggers. In comparison to trawling and waiting for a fish to hit the line, jigging is a type of drift fishing. One has to make the 4oz. lure dance in such a way that the fish becomes convinced in the fact the lure is a tasty morsel. It is fascinating to watch the variety of techniques that are used around the boat as everyone uses different tactics.
As the rods move up and down about the boat, many guests enjoy the simplicity of the gear, the feel of the bite and the peace and quiet of fishing without a motor. When one does feel the strike, the 25 Ib. test line allows for a true fight to follow, where the fisher must be patient as the fish runs and reel it in as it rests. I enjoy watching when the 8ft. 6in. rod suddenly spikes downwards as a shout rings out. As the fish comes toward the surface, the fisher moves towards the back of one of our 52ft or 46ft Delta Marine boats. The scene grabs the attention of the others on board as everyone waits to see what is putting up such a fight on the other end.
Pulling a beautiful salmon or halibut on board after a solid fight is always a reward and to have others witness the event makes it that much sweeter. This is the type of fishing we do best. It is great for families or a couple of guys looking to get out on the water for a day or two. It is often interesting to see small groups board one of our vessels strangers and come back giving each other high-fives. We hope that you can come out and experience the wild rugged west coast and take the fishing tale home, where it too will grow into a story of arm waving with a hint of excitement in the voice.
From the bridge,
-Chris White