Dock Talk

Is the Fishing in BC Really that Hot?

Oak Bay Marine Group Fishing Resorts - July 5, 2001

If you're hearing from fellow anglers that the fishing in B.C. this year is awesome - believe! In the Queen Charlottes off Langara Island and in Kano Inlet, trophy size salmon and halibut are becoming a frequent sight. In the tradition of Oak Bay Marine Group's Master Fisherman, June produced over a dozen 50+ pound King Salmon, plus a 62 and a 65 pounder! For all you Halibut Hunters, over 2 dozen 100 pound + halibut have been landed, plus 2 over 200 pounds! And this is the early season!

On Vancouver Island off Campbell River anglers are consistently catching Springs in the 20 to 30 pound range and on the west coast off Barkley Sound, the fishing is like 'days of old' - great halibut fishing with lots and lots of salmon!

Check back soon for some July updates!