Dock Talk

It's Ukee Days!

Canadian Princess Resort - July 26, 2012

Have you ever been to a Logger Sports competition?  True lumberjacks show their skills in a high energy, highly competitive series of events that get the crowd roaring.  They cut through logs over a metre thick with saws blades that have teeth the length of your fingers in mere minutes.  They throw massive axes across the yard, hitting the bullseye of a target.  They race up teetering logs, balancing themselves and a chainsaw.

My favourite Logger Sport event is the incredible spring board chop.  The loggers chop a notch in a thick log that’s been set up vertical like a tree.  They slam a bendy board in the notch, climb on top of it and start chopping another notch, slam the board, climb on top and so on.  Finally when they’ve reached the final section of the ‘tree’, and they’re a good 20 feet in the air balancing on a wobbly board, they start swinging like mad chopping the top of that pole right off!

You can catch some Logger Sports this weekend in Ucluelet for the annual Ukee Days Festival.  This festival is a local favourite and a great opportunity for visitors to participate in some real west coast culture.  The events kick off tomorrow with a Long Board Competition, the hilarious and historic Whiskey Dock Run and a delicious salmon and oyster barbeque at the Ucluelet Village Greens on Main Street.

Before you sit down on the stands and take in the Logger Sports on Saturday afternoon, be sure to attend the annual Ukee Days Parade.  The Canadian Princess Resort has a float this year and we are very excited about it.  You can’t miss us; we’ll be the ones in a boat fishing down Peninsula Road.  Bring your kids and they just might catch some candy!

Ukee Days also has special events and activities for the whole family at the Ukee Days Fairgrounds down Seaplane Base Road.  Browse and shop at local artisan vendors at the Ukee Days Market.  Enjoy a full line up of great local music all afternoon and evening with the MusicFest.  Participate in a kooky competition like the pudding eating contest or the Nail It! Sail It! Bail It!

Read the full event listings for Ukee Days 2012.

The weather forecast shows sunshine and we hope that the Canadian Princess can be your host this weekend.  Take in some of the festivities, go fishing, and relax in your waterfront accommodation at the Canadian Princess Resort.  It’s going to be a great weekend.

Gone Fishing,