Dock Talk

Just for the halibut?

Canadian Princess Resort - July 20, 2011

Yesterday brought stiff competition here at the Canadian Princess when weighing in the fish of the day. Waiting down at the docks, I saw the Salmon Princess pull in first boasting of their giant halibut on board. Mr. Bill Solberg proudly brought in a 68.2 lb. fish but he was unaware that the Raven Princess had just docked with a sizable contender aboard. Mr. Devon Waller reeled in a 75.7 lb. halibut to claim the catch of the day.
In fact, the Raven Princess took credit for both the largest halibut and the largest salmon of the day. Mr. Stephen Li caught a 21.3 lb. Chinook salmon early in the evening aboard the Raven. A tip of the hat goes to skipper Russell as well as deckhands Braden and Glen.
Today the fleet can boast that all our boats limited out on halibut this morning. We shouldn’t be just flaunting just one fish though. Good sized salmon are coming in daily on our docks. Mr, Lance Weller pulled in a 22.2 lb. fish and Mr. Brad Depoe caught a 24.0 lb. salmon out on the water today.
So when you’re down here at the Canadian Princess in Ucluelet and someone asks you if you’re fishing just for the halibut (get it?), the answer should be: “No siree, I’m here for the salmon too!” 
Fish on!