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Dock Talk

Lots of Lingcod

Canadian Princess Resort - July 29, 2013

The ling cod grabbed his line. Ryan Kerby managed to reel it close to the boat a number of times, but each time it got close it would turn around and run. It looked like Ryan was playing with the catch and his Skipper advised he didn’t play with it.

“I said I wasn’t trying to play with it. It was really heavy and fighting furiously,” said Ryan. It looks like his ling cod was playing with him!

The fish weighed 31lbs 03oz. He also caught another ling cod that weighed 22lbs-06oz, a salmon and three rock fish. Ryan and his wife Kathy were visiting us from New Plymouth, Idaho. Along with catching fish, they also got an amazing west coast wildlife experience and a rare one at that.

“On the way out fishing I saw a deer on the shore. When we got closer I could see the deer was actually perched on a boulder about 30 feet out in the ocean. Back on the shore I saw movement and there was a huge black wolf pacing back and forth on the beach. He was trying to find a way to get his dinner! We were only about 60 yards away.”

Three other people on the bought saw this wolf-deer spectacle. They also saw 8 whales, many eagles, deer, a bear and bear cubs.

The bite must be on for ling cod. Out on the Whaler 14 two friends hauled in a boat load of ling cod. Here is a photo of Fergus McGlone and Larry Hnatiuk. Fergus landed the salmon Catch of the Day a few days ago breaking the season’s record for biggest salmon at 29lbs-04oz.

We had an amazing weekend at the resort. The festivities of Ukee Days was happening nearby with logger sports, live music, entertainment, competitions, and an artisan marketplace. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves at this annual summer festival and out on the water with the Canadian Princess Resort.

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