Dock Talk

May Madness countdown

Canadian Princess Resort - May 28, 2005

And Ucluelet is stuck in the fog yet once again with her surroundings blazing out the sun! We had a great, hot day yesterday - fortunately not too hot for fishing - resulting in a 50 lb. halibut. The big "Catch of the Day" for yesterday, May 27th, was a 38lb. halibut caught by Adrian Englesman! Today's "Catch" was a 28lb. Chinook caught by Doug Stephen of Nanaimo, BC! Congratulations to the two of you!! I also saw a 24lb Chinook caught by Mark Bilash of Terrace, BC weighed in today and a 16lb Chinook, which was caught by Parma Nand of Surrey, BC! Keep 'em coming: we only have 3 days left of our "May Madness" extravaganza! You only have to beat a 85lb. halibut and a 32lb. Chinook! Good luck to those of you who will make the last few days of the month here at the Canadian Princess Resort!!! -Melissa*