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Dock Talk

Mega Fisherwoman!

Canadian Princess Resort - August 7, 2013

She told us she was a mega fisherwoman! Grace Swartz hails from New Mexico and has fought the likes of marlin and sailfish into fishing boats for many years. It is not surprising that she caught the Catch of the Day for salmon aboard the Whaler #3 with Skipper Yarrow, fishing with her husband. Together the couple caught four salmon out at Big Bank. Her Catch of the Day weighed 19lbs-06oz.

Lonzo Fanony kicked off the week for halibut fishing by landing his Catch of the Day at 21lbs-04oz. He caught two halibut, two salmon and three rock fish while fishing on the Ucluelet Princess with friends.

“I have been coming here for many years,” said Lonzo. “One person got sick so there was an open spot and I jumped on it! It’s nice to spend time with friends fishing and we had a wonderful time.”

Lonzo and his friends were visiting us from Washington. Although he has been fishing many times this was his first time catching halibut. When our Canadian Princess crew asked how long he had been fishing he told us:

“Way before you were born!”

It's always a pleasure to have you as our guest, Lonzo!

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