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Dock Talk

More Early Season Fishing Success!

Canadian Princess Resort - May 15, 2014

It’s only May, but we’re already having plenty of success out on the water. Although not officially open for fishing yet we do have the odd boat going as we gear up for what should be a fantastic season. One such boat went out last week and brought in plenty of rock fish and lingcod, and one halibut! Here’s the story as told by one of our guests.

Well 2014 fishing started off well. I found myself with a couple of days off and the weather looked good. I thought perhaps the folks at Canadian Princess would like a visit and maybe I could catch a fish.

I called up on May 5th and ended up with Jonathon on the phone. Although not really open for fishing yet they had a boat going on the 7th. I was hoping for 2 days of fishing so Jonathon says hang on and he would call me back.

Turns out there was one more who wanted to go so off we went for 2 days!

First day out with captain Harvey and Koko was quite successful. Limited out on Ling and Rock fish.

2nd day out with captain Harvey and Ken was just as successful! Limit in Ling again and Rock fish.

Then captain Harvey took us to his secret fishing hole for one last try at a Salmon or Halibut. On the last cast of the last day I went to the bottom and started to bounce the lure,

On about the 6th bounce or so there was a mighty jerk on the line. I set the hook and line began to peel off the real! A nice one!

Picture shows the beast! About a 20 pounder to start the year! Looking forward to July's visit!



Wow, thank you so much for sharing your story John! With this year's fishing projections being off the charts we're looking forward to making more fishing dreams come true this season. We're officially open for fishing on June 1st and spots are filling up fast. Call 1-800-663-7090 to book your trip and choose from 1 of 3 fishing options we have this year. We look forward to seeing you this summer!