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Dock Talk

More Fish and More Sun! Does it Get Any Better?

Canadian Princess Resort - July 11, 2014

Hello again from the Canadian Princess. We hope you’re enjoying summer as much as we are! The salmon fishing in Ucluelet continues to be stellar with lots of nice salmon and halibut hitting the docks. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been happening:

We’re seeing a really good number of Chinook (King) salmon being caught, and the Coho are starting to show up as well. Halibut fishing also continues to be awesome. The fish are steadily getting bigger, with two of the most notable catches including a 27 pound Chinook caught two days ago and a 52 pound halibut caught the day before that.

To see some of our best catches over the last week check out the slide show to the right!

Another bonus for anglers is the ability to retain one Wild Coho per day. These delicious fish are fierce fighters and always a blast to reel in, so get ready for even more fun out on the water this summer!

In addition to more fish we’re also looking forward to some fabulous weather. It’s supposed to be a hot summer, and the 7 day forecast is calling for sun all week. Nothing beats basking in the sun with a line in the water!

Make sure to check back in next week for another update from the Canadian Princess Resort. Until then, tight lines and keep on fishin’!