Dock Talk

Much has happened since I last wrote.

Canadian Princess Resort - May 30, 2012

Much has happened since I last wrote. 

The Canadian Princess Fishing Resort is very happy to welcome Jacqueline to the ranks of Skipper.  After serving for the last two years as a deck hand Jacqueline received her Limited Master 60 ton this year and will be skippering for us later this season.  (Harvey is very proud and a little sad to be losing his deck hand.)

We have had a busy few weeks here.  The top fish so far this season belongs to Judy with a 19.7lb Chinook caught May 18th on the Chinook Princess and Everet with a 28.8lb halibut caught May 22nd on the Salmon Princess.  With the catches coming in now we don’t expect those tallies to last much longer.

We have been sending as many staff out as we can before all they have time for is work.  A good time was had by all with almost everyone catching a fish.  (Sorry Deborah)

I got out on my first fishing trip of the season on Tuesday.  The weather was as perfect as is normal here and all on board had a good time with just enough fish caught to keep everybody happy.  Unfortunately, despite my pre trip claims, no Derby Fish were caught.

The Ucluelet Salmon Ladder Derby is filling up for May but there are still spots open so register every fish.  Remember that not only do the top 15 get invited back for the fish off in September, but there will be a random draw from 16 to 50 from each month as well.