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Dock Talk

New Season Record

Canadian Princess Resort - July 27, 2013

We have a new record for salmon Catch of the Day! Congratulations to Fergus McGlone for reeling in this 29lbs-04oz Chinook, just a few ounces shy of landing our first Tyee salmon. Fergus was fishing with his friend Larry aboard a Boston Whaler with Skipper Jeremy.

Bill Taylor was fishing with his daughter and son on an all-day fishing trip aboard the Chinook Princess when he boated the Catch of the Day for halibut. Along this 19lbs-02oz catch he also reeled in a salmon and three rock fish.

“It’s my fifth time fishing with the Canadian Princess but my first time getting the catch of the day!” said Bill. “Everybody is friendly here.”

Meanwhile young Cody Naporano was celebrating his 10th birthday fishing on a Boston Whaler. Visiting from California, Cody and his Mom landed a very impressive haul. What a great birthday present! Happy Birthday Cody!

This season has been a windy one. The offshore banks have been blasting and bringing in the rolling waves to match. Still, anglers are still catching plenty of salmon and halibut. Bigger Chinook salmon are starting to make their way into our boats with many weighing in the 20 to 30 pound range. We are still waiting for someone to land the first Tyee of 2013. Are you up for the challenge?

Tight Lines,