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Dock Talk

Orca Whales Everywhere!

Canadian Princess Resort - July 4, 2013

There have been a lot of Orca whale sightings in Ucluelet over the last week. Last weekend our fishing boats had the incredible pleasure of seeing three pods of Orca whales while they were fishing at Ucluelet’s offshore banks. Reports are coming in from local boaters and tour operators on a daily basis, all ecstatic to have witness these beautiful whales. People are even seeing them in the harbour from town!

“I was having breakfast on my patio today and had two Killer whales swim right by my house!” shared Julia, Front Desk staff at the Canadian Princess Resort. “It was so exciting!”

Unfortunately Julia did not have enough time to run in and grab her camera before the whales had passed. Humpback and Gray whales are also seen daily. We have been lucky to see them when they’re feeling a little playful too! Humpbacks are breaching out of the water and reports have come in that Gray whales have been jumping as well!

Don’t forget that we have Whale Watching trips going out daily. Ask the Front Desk staff about booking your trip, with both morning and afternoon departure times available.

In fishing news, we are sending out multiple fishing trips every day in both the mornings and the afternoons. Our dock hands are very busy unloading catches, processing them and loading them into the fish house for safe keeping. There is no shortage of salmon, halibut, rock fish and ling cod. In fact, someone landed a 41lbs ling cod just the other day!

Brian Kennedy caught a 15lbs-03oz salmon on the Ucluelet Princess yesterday that landed him the Catch of the Day. He was with a large group of 13 people and fishing at the Canadian Princess Resort for the first time. This group is visiting us from New Jersey. Thank you for coming!

Summer is heating up, the whales are out, and the fishing is becoming more productive as the season progresses. We hope to be a part of your summer memories this year.

Tight Lines,