Dock Talk

Reeling in a New Month

Canadian Princess Resort - August 4, 2012

What are the ingredients for a successful fishing trip?  Two days, 3 Chinook, 2 coho, 2 halibut, nice weather and good company.  It sounds like your average fishing trip on the Chinook Princess with Skipper Russel and deckhands Luke and Ian; and was the kind of fishing trip Bill Beyer and his family had last week. 

They were visiting us from Oregon and his 16lbs-02oz Halibut was the Catch of the Day

Geoff Trickey was on the same fishing trip when he landed the salmon Catch of the Day at 14lbs.  He started his morning off by reeling up a lingcod and continued on to catch a halibut, 2 Chinook, and one coho salmon in a matter of one hour!

The guests and crew had a special treat that morning.  They saw Humpback whales and even a pod of transient Orca whales.

A few days later Ben Schneeberger caught an impressive 41lbs halibut on the Coho Princess.  He had been fresh water fishing before but this trip was his maiden voyage fishing on the wild Pacific Ocean. 

We have been having amazing weather out in Ucluelet as well.  The fishing is hot, the weather is coming?

Gone Fishing,