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Dock Talk

The Salmon Are Here!

Canadian Princess Resort - June 5, 2014

Even the boss gets time to go fishing every now and again, and wow what a great four hours out of my office on the bridge!

Sneaking away last night was fantastic. We took out one of the Boston Whalers, and during the mere two hours that we had the gear wet we caught seven Chinook, keeping four. My barbeque sure as heck smelled good last night with a nice salmon cooking atop a cedar plank coated in pesto.

The ‘winter feeders’ are already out there, and with the DFO’s positive fishing forecast starting to prove true I know that there will be a lot of ‘Smileys’ (springs over 20) and an abundance of the revered ‘Tyee’ (meaning ‘The Chief’ for Springs over 30).

Also, some exciting news! Our new Kingfisher 2825 is arriving tomorrow! It’s already booked pretty solid, but there are still a few dates left, so if you’re interested call our sales office (1-800-663-7090) to book your trip.

Tight Lines,