Dock Talk

The wildlife surrounding the Canadian Princess

Canadian Princess Resort - August 7, 2011

As the light beams over the inner harbour and another day begins at the Canadian Princess Resort, I look around and find myself still amazed by the natural beauty of our surroundings and this place we call home.
Walking over the gang plank onto the Canadian Princess, I look down to see a few sun stars making their way about the intertidal zone feeding on various mussels. On the docks as I wait for a returning boat to pull in, I see flashes of silver as the new smolt feed on tiny food particles before heading out to sea. Hundreds of them school under one side of the dock and emerge on the other, only to be frightened into a frenzy by a shadow. A brave individual sets out in a new direction, quickly joined by the rest, none of which want to be the last one bringing up the rear.
Even as I write this, I look out at an eagles’ nest across the harbour. The adults sit on the highest branches, keeping guard over their nest. They have done well so far this season as I can see two little figures climbing about the nest from time to time. It is almost time for them to fly. And as the sun sets, ribbons of pink clouds encircle Mount Ozzard, signaling the end of another enchanting day on the remote west coast of Vancouver Island.
From the bridge,
-Chris White