Dock Talk

Tradition on the Ucluelet Princess

Canadian Princess Resort - September 16, 2011

It was the final day for the Ucluelet Pricess today. Skipper Harvey and deckhand Jaquline were excited to have finished another season at the Canadian Princess and are looking forward to some wake-up times later than 4:30. Of course they are both egger to come back next year and do it all over again.
            This year I was introduced to a unique celebration that takes place on the Uclulet Princess called, “the virgin salmon.” Every time someone catches a salmon for the first time, they are to eat the heart. Of course this is for fun so it is not required, but a lot of people do take part in the time honored tradition. Today, Sage Wright was jigging from the bow of the Ucluelet Princess when a Coho snapped at her line right at the surface. With some effort, she was able to pull the fish aboard making it her first salmon ever! The entire boat gathered as Sage was presented the salmon heart. With a little lime juice to follow, Sage threw it back to hoots and pats on the back of congratulations. After getting it down, she said it was not half bad. Who knew?
            The Canadian Princess operates nine sea going vessels all with a unique crew that functions almost as an independent family. So weather you have been here before or not, if you get on a boat you’ve never traveled with before, be prepared for a unique, new, and exciting experience.
From the bridge,
-Chris White