Dock Talk

Turning of the tides

Canadian Princess Resort - July 31, 2011

Well the sun is setting on the last day of July as we prepare for August. Historically, August represents a number of key changes in our environment here on the west coast. First off, the summer rays are starting to be really felt as the temperature is consistently getting into the 20’s (Celsius). The bears are getting their forage on and feasting on a variety of berries from red huckleberry to blue berries, thimble berries, salal berries, and the notorious energy rich invasive black berry. So trek loudly if you plan on any walks through the coastal temperate rainforest as it is never a good idea to scare a bear.
There is a final change we look forward to as well, the month of the big salmon. We typically get salmon pushing 40+ pounds in August and I can’t wait to photograph these fish as they come in. Will it be you? We had four fish over twenty pounds today so don’t forget your Ucluelet Ladder Derby ticket as a new monthly prize pool starts tomorrow; 5,000 for the biggest salmon of the month.
Fish on!
From the bridge,
-Chris White