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Canadian Princess Resort - August 29, 2013

Dale Millette landed the Catch of the Day two days in a row. Getting the Catch of the Day twice, or even three times, is not that unusual. The amazing thing is that both of Dale’s salmon were the exact same weight. They both came in at exactly 14lbs-02oz. Has somebody told Dale about the Ucluelet Salmon Ladder Derby and the Hidden Weight Grand Prize? Maybe he can catch a fish that weights 14lbs-02oz one more time and win himself $250,000 this weekend!

The Ucluelet Salmon Ladder Derby is coming to an end for the season. They are holding their annual Fish Off which has always brought anglers into town from all over the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. We expect this year will be no different.

Anglers have been registering fish in the Ucluelet Salmon Ladder Derby since the beginning of May. The top fish caught each month were rewarded cash prizes and those anglers qualified for the Fish Off this Labour Day long weekend. The top 65 fish caught in August all qualified for the Fish Off and several fishermen and women had the opportunity to win a spot in the competition through a Fish Off draw.

Thousands of dollars worth of cash and prizes will be rewarded at the end of this weekend. The most attractive prize is the Hidden Weight Grand Prize which is worth $250,000. Two participating anglers are randomly selected during the Fish Off, one each day, and they have that day to catch the ‘hidden weight’. I think if Dale was competing for the Hidden Weight in the Fish Off, and were to catch a 14lbs-02oz salmon he should hang onto it and bring it to the derby officials on Sunday afternoon!

It is still not too late to get your name on the ladder and make a spot in the Fish Off this weekend. There are two whole fishing days left. Visit to register or purchase your derby tickets at the Front Desk at the Canadian Princess Resort.

Tight Lines!