Dock Talk

Whales Welcome September

Canadian Princess Resort - September 1, 2012

They watched a curious and playful Gray whale as it put on a show near the surface of the water.  Watching these gentle giants arch their backs and wave their tales as they go for a dive to the ocean’s depths is an amazing experience.  Seeing them bring most of their bodies into view and splashing playfully back into the water is something incredible.  It’s something Dwight Mater and his party will never forget.

They were fishing at Big Bank on the Barkley Princess yesterday when they saw the whale.  The group, made up of Dwight’s family and friends from work, were fishing on a two day trip.  Dwight landed 6 fish total: 1 Halibut and 2 Chinook salmon each day. 

His 15lbs-01oz Halibut was Septembers very first Catch of the Day.

“The best story of the trip was a 26lbs lingcod that was caught.”  Dwight continued, “it had bit onto a smaller 18 inch lingcod that was already on the line!” 

I guess you could call that a two for one?!

Gone Fishing,