Dock Talk

What a day!

Canadian Princess Resort - July 21, 2005

Well, today was one of those days that are a thing of legend for us here in Ucluelet. I even ran a boat myself today, finally getting out from behind my desk. 

All 10 boats were out today, and the water was flat calm – not a ripple – as I motored out to the offshore halibut grounds.  I was psyched, believe me.

I stopped the boat, got everyone to drop their lines, and got ready to grab a net.  Within seconds we had 4 halibut on the way up to the surface.  We got our limit after 2 ½ hours of fishing for halibut and tried to catch some salmon in the remaining time.  On the run back to shore, talking to the other captains on the radio, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that ALL the halibut boats got their limit and ALL the salmon boats got their limit of Chinook.

Once again, the cargo planes had to be called in for all the fish!!

What a day!