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Dock Talk

Yelloweye on a Rainy Day

Canadian Princess Resort - May 30, 2013

The Yelloweye rockfish was so bright and colourful it seemed to bring a little sunshine aboard the Nootka Princess on that wet, rainy morning. It was almost as sunny as the angler who caught it, Paul Heron, whose smile stretched from ear to ear. This was one of many rockfish he caught that day. You could call it a little welcome home present for our guest Paul, who has been away from home for the last three years teaching English in Vietnam.

"I love to fish, but this was my first time with the Canadian Princess," he said.

The Skipper Lynette and Deckhand Yarrow had guided the Nootka Princess to Sail Rock. Along with rockfish, guests were able to pull in halibut and salmon as well.

While they were fishing at Sail Rock the group was treated to an amazing whale show. A humpback whale came clear out of the water, showing off to it's captivated audience with a full breach! An encounter like this with such a magestic creature is an incredibly moving experience and one we will not soon forget. Photos coming soon!

We are looking forward to another amazing weekend of fishing, whale watching and dining at the Canadian Princess Resort. The weather is shaping up for the weekend. Saturday will be cloudy with periods of showers and a high of 15 degrees. Sunday is warming up with clear sunny skies and a high of 16.

Tight Lines!