Dock Talk

30 pounders abound!

Canadian Princess Resort - August 3, 2006

vancouver island fishing lodgeWe are getting preliminary reports that waves of salmon are approaching our area.

Up near Nootka Sound, which is north of us along the coast, anglers are seeing huge bodies of salmon, and catching them too!

The water color in our area is starting to change again; this time a little darker and brown. This indicates large amounts of nutrients in the water, attracting the feed fish, following that comes the salmon. We are expecting mayhem here soon!

Here are the “Catch o’ the Day’s” of late:

July 30

  • 32 lb Chinook by Mark Wolf of Auburn, WA

vancouver island fishing lodgeJuly 31

  • 20 lb Chinook by Nathan Wong of Vancouver, BC
  • 36 lb halibut by Stu Funk of Winfield, BC
  • 30 lb Ling Cod by Mark Roach of Delta, BC

August 1

  • 35 lb Chinook by Richard Perrin of Westbank, BC
  • 41 lb halibut by Gert Swart of Kelowna, BC
  • 24 lb Ling Cod by Troy Nagy of Kamloops, BC

August 2

  • 28 lb Chinook by Roy Jennings of Spokane, WA
  • 58 lb Halibut by Richard Perrin of Kelowna, BC

Nice job everyone!

Ken Roberts
Marine Operations Manager
Canadian Princes Fishing Resort

vancouver island fishing lodge