Dock Talk

A few stats

Canadian Princess Resort - May 18, 2005

Within the past days, we have seen an average of ten boats going out both on the morning and evening tides, bringing in a great assortment of Chinook, halibut, Lingcod, and, as always, tons of rockfish. The "May Madness" record still stands as a 22lb. Chinook caught by Warren and a 85lb. halibut caught by Wesley. Our "Catch of the Day" today was 21lb. Chinook caught by Lewis of Golden, BC and a 22lb. Lingcod caught by Claude of North Saanich, BC. Congratulations guys!! On May 15, Christopher of Vernon, BC brought in a 56lb. halibut and Dave from Vernon, BC brought in a 24lb. Lingcod!. Keep 'em coming!!