Dock Talk

Big days at the Canadian Princess Resort

Canadian Princess Resort - June 10, 2011

Our season is in full swing as we’re now running daily trips to the airport to pick-up and drop-off guests. It is not only the resort that is getting busy, but the fishing action as well. The morning boats rolled in around one pm today and there was a buzz about the dock. I could see big fish being unloaded all around me and hear bets being made between friends as to their weights. Congratulations to Wayne Barney for catching his 62.2 Ib. halibut today, a new season record!
The boats of the Canadian Princess have been landing some large salmon as well. Mike Lee now stands at the top of the Ucluelet Ladder Derby with his 24 Ib. Chinook salmon after he went out with us yesterday. It doesn’t hurt to have the knowledge of skippers like Keith Nakagawa who has worked for the Canadian Princess for over 28 years and knows these west coast waters like the back of his hand. It’s time to get down to the dock to see what the afternoon catch will weigh in at.
From the bridge,
-Chris White