Dock Talk

Canadian Princess closing for winter

Canadian Princess Resort - September 18, 2011

Today, the Canadian Princess closes for the winter season. Although the shore side accommodation will be open through October 5th and the Wikaninnish Restaurant the 25th of September, the restaurant, whale watching, fishing, and the Canadian Princess will be closed untill next year.
The summer of 2011 has been an amazing season. From opening day on June 2nd through September 18th, the resort has been buzzing with activity. Although the weather started out wetter than average, the main summer months including September have been spectacularly clear and sunny.
The fishing exhibited incredible peaks throughout the season with intermittent slower periods typically after heavy rains or extreme tides. Overall, the fishing was on par with previous years and we had some amazing records. Our biggest salmon for the season was landed by David Washington with a beautiful weight of 35 lbs. We were also able to welcome one Masterfisherman to the club. Congratulations to Dale Neubeker for catching the season high halibut of 101 lbs.
From a staff perspective; I look around the resort and no longer see co-workers but fellow peers that I was able to work alongside with. It is going to be difficult to say goodbye to the Canadian Princess and the west coast of Vancouver Island as my path takes me south. Many of the staff however will be here again next year and are in anticipation of yet another action packed summer. 
If you made it out to see us this summer, I want to thank you on behalf of the Canadian Princess for your fishing action and stories that make the Canadian Princess Resort a truly unique place.
On behalf of myself, I’d like to thank all the fellow crew and guests that I was able to work with. It was an honor and privilege to work beside you this year. Ucluelet is a special corner of the world and is easily realized after only a short time. I will miss it greatly and it will be with me always. Wherever this may find you, I hope it finds you well throughout the remainder of your year. Until next summer!
The last time from the bridge,
-Chris White